Purchase guide

Dear interested in acquiring the GDS. We inform you that the GDS on your computer is free and you can download and install it, creating your Database (Called the Data Directory) anywhere of your choice. The only limitation is that you can enter a maximum of 50 people. From the moment you add a person to your Database, you can register it simply by following the steps that the program itself will suggest.

Therefore, we invite you to do the following in order to have the GDS installed, and your first Database registered. Once the registration is done, you will have unlimited data entry capacity, both for people, photos and documents, as well as other content:

  • Go to the Downloads menu in the top bar. Download and install the GDS in its latest version
  • Start up the GDS and after answering a few simple questions, it will ask you to assign your Data Directory. The Data Directory is a folder that you will assign with the path and name you want. All the data you enter will be stored there.
  • Add at least one person. From this moment it will ask you to register. You can skip that step and add more people, as I indicated, with a maximum of 50.
  • At any time, with a number of people entered from 1 to 50, follow the instructions to acquire your Data Directory record. The system will take you to the registration acquisition through Paypal, for security, and you can pay using any credit or debit card. The price is 88 euros or an equivalent in your currency. Do not forget to take note of the registration code that will be provided to you at the end of the purchase.
  • Enter the code in the appropriate place when prompted. From this point on, your Database will be registered and free for the inclusion of data without any limitation.